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August 2010

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renietzovich in avianthropes

I found this image...and I believe it is an image of a Tengu..but I thought it was a nice artistic representation of the fact I live life as a Human and as a Raven in the same body...

Here is another nice artistic rendering...a reflection of my true inner nature...


It's so very rare to see bird images like this- most are wolves or other mammals. Great pieces of artwork!

I'm a Raven as well (though I'm starting to think there's a second therioside in there as well) and I'm curious as to your thoughts and feelings on being such. I've met few other avian therians.
I am not sure what you mean...You want to inquire after my thoughts and feelings on being a Raven therian? Just trying to clarify.
I just re-read your post and I think I didnt read it carefully enough the first time..you want to know my thoughts on having more than one theriotype if I am not mistaken. I beleive it is indeed entirely possible, albeit very challenging for the human host body that contains so many conflicting voices wishing to come forth. My brother therian and mother therian (my adopted family not my blood family) have told me that it is indeed possible in their opinion and they have met some...and that it is very challenging for these people to manage it.
Hello! My name is Amber, and I am a very new avian therian here. And pretty late to the discussion apparently. Uhm, I don't really have a nickname? A lot of my friends and family have called me bluebird well before my very recent Awakening. But I've always felt a deep conecction with birds, be it the chickens we raised when I was a child or the wild doves and blackbirds that I would feed daily when we lived in the country. I really feel as if I'm a Blue Jay, although it might be too early to tell. After reading about it a few months ago (my girlfriend really helped me in my Awakening, she's a foxkin) and i read about some Otherkin and Therians feel phantom limbs, and I realized I'd "felt" phantom wings a majority of my lifetime. Sorry this has been a pretty long intro post ^.^ I tend to ramble often. Anyway, I hope to hear from y'all. It's nice to know other people feel the way I do.

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