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August 2010

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renietzovich in avianthropes

Brief Introduction

Greetings fellow avian-type therians of all avian theriotypes. I am known among the therian circles as Ren (olde English word whose meaning can be translated Raven or Crow or bird...in Japanese however Ren is a lotus flower...not being Japanese however and given what my theriotype is, the first definition makes more sense as you will see...). I am also now more often known as Corvus.

Guessed what my theriotype is yet? If this isn't enough of a clue my picture should tell all.

I am an avian therian, and a Raven. Sorry for that roundabout introduction but Ravens typically can be playful and I am no exception to that theriotype profile.

I have felt rather alone in my experiences as I do not have the luxury of fellowship with fellow therians in real life where I live.

I was awakened fairly recently to my reality...namely in 2008, so I have a lot to learn about myself that was previously veiled from me...as time goes on I am hoping that some of my experiences growing up will be better understood as a result of learning more and more about my true nature.

I was delighted when I learned about the therianthoughts community on LJ but I was even more thrilled to learn there was a group devoted to specifically avian theriotypes...so here I am. I found it to be a very lonely experience being an avian type therian on more general therian discussion boards so this community to me is such a blessing!

Be well my brothers and sisters and I look forward to reading your posts and discussing therianthropy with you all.


Hi you! Welcome to the bird-specific LJ community.
Hello there. What specific species of raven are you?
Corvus Corax aka the Common Raven...the North American Variety...my kindred birds in their actual bird form, often come flying by to say hello to me.
Hey there and welcome to the little Avian-Therian corner of the 'net. Glad to meet another Raven. I responded to your later post, as I read LJ backwards, so forgive the double invitation to share your thoughts/feelings/experiences on being a Raven inside a human body. :>
Well...for one thing...I always wondered why it was when I had pictures or video taken of me that I would have my head jutted out forward with my neck craned...it looked so strange in comparison to other people...but that kind of neck craning head bobbing motion isnt so odd for a bird now is it? Especially a bird trying to get a better look at something...
I also tend to tilt my head to the side a lot and make quick head jerking motions when looking back and forth sometimes.