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August 2010

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flippinkmoon in avianthropes

Hello all! :>

Hello! I've been a member for a while but am always a bit shy to post intros.

I go by several nick names, my most common right now is Ilrak. I am a biracial female, currently trapped in Utah, and a raven therian. I am a film major as well as an amateur writer. I tend to be rather quiet and tend to observe more than anything else.

I constantly experience phantom feathers and occasionally a phantom beak and talons. I tend to exhibit birdlike behaviours, sometimes unconsciously (much to the amusement of my friends), and I tend to feel most comfortable "perching" like a bird.

For a while, when I first awakened, I thought I was a feline. This might have been due to having cats around all the time. After a lot of meditation and such, I realised I was a raven. I have a guide who is a magpie and a very strong affinity towards all corvids (they also tend to stalk me on campus. I finally met my magpie stalker almost face to face).

Music is my life. I always have music playing in the background and like to keep it as a soundtrack to my life. I use Pete Townshend's Solo work, Keir Dullea's (2001: A Space Odyssey) LP, The Who, and some 80's music now to meditate. I love pretty much all rock and roll music written before 1995 and my friends tease me for being old-school and having crushes on septuagenarians.

I love to birdwatch and I enjoy photography. I tend to take pictures of the birds in my backyard (who my mom and I have found a clever way to feed without being found out by our insane neighbor) or of sunsets or random artsy looking stuff.

I think that's all for now, unless there's something I missed.



Nice intro. ^_^

I know what you mean about being stalked by your guide...Mokingbird enjoys sneaking up on me, calling for my attention, and then disappearing once I glance away for my camera.

Is there some history behind "Ilrak?" Ie: how did you come by it? It's a very interesting sound.

Ain't nothing wrong with classic rock! It's the real deal, and after that can only be poor imitation. :D Do you have a gallery for your pictures?
Thanks for the welcome!

So lucky you see mockingbirds! I'm not sure there are any in Utah, but I would love to see one someday.

Ilrak is a nickname I've had since I was a kid. My best friend and I sometimes called each other by the backwards versions of our names.

I do have a gallery with my pictures. It's http://www.flippinkmoon.deviantart.com

Thanks again for the welcome! :>
xD Don't worry about lurking. I've been a member for a while and I haven't posted a intro either. I'm a raven therian too. But anyway, hi! Good intro too.
Hi fellow raven! Thanks for the welcome! Hope to hear from you as well! :>
Glad to see an intro from you here! :>
Thanks! :> Finally plucked up enough courage to post. ;>
Hello, Ilrak. Nice to see another bird in the nest. Btw, I love classic rock - I'm pretty much a flying, er, walking encyclopedia on classic rock. As for Mockers in UT, probably not around SLC, but possible in St.George/Zion NP area. I know they're common around Las Vegas.

I get stalked by crows around campus. That doesn't make me special, as the crows stalk everyone. They know we leave crumbs and nibbles all over the place:>
Just wanted to say welcome. :)
Lovely to meet a fellow Raven Therian...for the longest time I have been the only Raven therian I've known. It is an utter delight to know I am not alone.

Ren sometimes known as Corvus
Hi! Nice to meet you as well!

I think I know of a couple of other ravens and maybe a couple crows around somewhere (most of them are in the western US I think). There's also a tengu on Werelist who is pretty awesome.

- Ilrak