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August 2010

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balthazar881 in avianthropes

Chirrp:> Just trying to help keep the place alive. Spring is coming! Yesterday I saw two swallows (Violet-green), my first of the year. And, I know we're all busy, but let's take some time to appreciate our native birds. Migration is on, the geese are heading north again (or, in the case of the local Canadas, 'pretending' to migrate as they fly from place to place within the metro area), and I'm noticing the beginnings of what looks like will be a huge nest on top of the lightpole in front of a local Harley-Davidson dealership. Now that would be funny: a Bald Eagle nest right in front of a Harley shop, right next to the flagpole. The nest is right next to the freeway on my way to school, so I'll be able to update things. I should go talk to the guys at the Harley shop to see if they can set up a camera on the nest.


A bald eagle nest in front of a Harley shop would be sweet! If it is eagles, do try to get a good pic! What a great shot it would be. :>

Spring is really bringing out my birdness, as well as getting our local avians more active again. I heard mourning doves calling the other morning, something I haven't heard since last fall. The pair of ravens at the airport I fly out of have started a nest- I saw the large male with a huge stick in his beak! I'd love to find the nest location. I'm a bit worried they're nesting on airport property, though, and that the folks who manage the buildings might do away with any nestbuilding attempts. :
I saw my first red-winged blackbird of the year last weekend (usually I don't see them until April or so).

Also, last Sunday, we saw a total of 33 bald eagles. At one spot, they were gathered in the distance because there was some sort of carcass out there. But I got some nice views of them flying - they were beautiful. Also, the baldies have been quite active lately - probably because they are thinking about nesting. :)

And mourning doves - I haven't seen one of those since last fall, I think - but last weekend, I saw a huge flock of them.

I can't wait until the red-tailed hawks who live across the street from us start nesting again. Last year, we'd go watch their babies in the nest with binoculars. I hope they have babies again, so I can start watching them earlier on.
Ahhh, Bald Eagles thinking about nesting:> There's a pair that I've been seeing on the way to my (former) work, perching near the top of a tall Douglas-fir snag next to the river. One afternoon as I drove over the bridge, I saw them perched on their usual branch, side by side, one with its wing spread out around the other. Eagles... I wonder just how deep their bond is. Two weeks prior, they would perch on sepeate branches, then as the days progressed, I'd see them perching closer together, till finally they were within 'nibble proximity'...